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By C. James Sweeney

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“This beautifully illustrated picture book empowers young children to embrace themselves, boosts their confidence, and most importantly encourages them to discover their uniqueness and strength.”


About Sadie Sasquatch

Has Big Feet

In this sequel to the award-winning “Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School,” Sadie finds herself at recess, her favorite time of the day. But, after her big feet keep getting her into all sorts of messes, she becomes disheartened and wonders if recess really is her favorite part of the school day. Sadie must find confidence in herself to overcome her obstacles and become proud of who she is.

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“A fun and laugh out loud picture book about a little sasquatch and her eventful first day at kindergarten.”

-Reader’s Choice Book Awards

“Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School is a funny and reassuring story to help new students get used to the idea that school will differ from home.”

-The Children’s Book review

“Sadie Sasquatch Goes to School is a beautifully illustrated book that gives a powerful message of kindness, sharing, appropriate behavior and teaches children the importance of listening to teachers.”



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About Sadie Sasquatch

Goes to School

Have you ever seen a Sasquatch go to school? Well, Sadie is a Sasquatch, and she is so excited to start her first day of school. But, she will quickly learn that the way Sasquatches behave in the wild may not always be appropriate for the classroom!